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Can Damaged Record Ruin A Needle?

Listening to the records by sitting nearby to it on a chair sounds really good, but there is one essential thing that you need to keep in mind. The bad record can ruin a needle, so you need to make sure that the record should not be scratched at all as that can come to damage the needle of your instrument, and this you cannot be able to play any records at all in the future.

So if you are new to this, then make sure to use the instrument and the records carefully without damaging anything else.

A dirty record can damage the stylus as well, so ultimately, it will be going to damage your instrument in many ways. Always clean the record before playing it on the instruments, and for that, you can use the soft cloth because the record is made up of plastic, which can easily be scratched without any issues at all. Surely, the damage or the scratch can cause the damage, which is why you should never run the record with tons of scratches on it.

Records are not that strong

If we talk about the durability of the record, then they are not that strong, which means you need to be sure about one thing that is you should handle them with care. Use a separate case to store the records so that it can be kept away from scratches and on the other hand, you should not throw the records anywhere in your house.

Plastics aren’t the hardest, which is why there can be loads of reasons to scratch it. Playing scratched records can be good in the beginning, but after sometimes, you will get to feel the roughness or unusual sound in the record, and later on, it will be going to affect the needle or the stylus of the instrument. You should not store the records over one another as that can easily make them scratch.

Things you should take care of

If you want to run the record for a longer term, then you need to keep many things in mind that will be going to be discussed below. Before discussing them, some of the basic things should be considered too, like a needle is really a delicate thing, which is why you need to handle it with care.

Following are some of the things you need to keep in mind

No overlapping

At the time of storing the records, you should not overlap the records over one another because it can lead to scratches, and also, it can break them down without even letting you know. This is the thing you need to keep in mind.

Use special cases

You should go for the special cases for every record as you can store them without getting them scratched at all.

Clean every time

Always clean them with a soft cloth before running the record in the instrument, which can protect them from getting scratched.

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