Bella Roma Music Music and sound Glissando – What Instrument Can Play it?

Glissando – What Instrument Can Play it?

Glissando is the music which in another word can also be called as string music, and if you are the one who loves to listen to the music, then you should at least go for the glissando music, which is produced with an absolutely different technique. There are many instruments that can play glissando like strings, woodwinds, voice, brass, piano, and some more.

The sound is produced by sliding through the pitches between two notes and also works with different as well as a unique technique, which means no ordinary person can go for it randomly without practice.

What is the use of different instruments?

There are many instruments indulged in creating the glissando music, and all of them work differently, so below, you will come to know about them. Before discussing about them, you should keep one thing in mind that this is a popular music which cannot be created electronically, so there are different instruments required in order to produce this sound.

Following are some of the uses of instruments for you


The number one thing you should need to know about is the strings. It is one of the most effective methods used in glissando because sliding fingers through strings is easy as there is nothing much you need to do. It also helps in playing all the microtones, which are also known as the pitches like of the keyboard. There are two types of glissando number one is ascending, and the second one is descending.

Playing ascending one is much easier as compared to the descending one, and it only requires one string to produce notes.


If we talk about this instrument, then it is not easy to create glissando music using this instrument, which is why most of the people does not go for it. Brass is the instrument which works with the help of lips, and to create glissando in the upwards direction, which is ascending, is not easy with lips, which is why it is tougher than it sounds.

Woodwinds and piano

If this tool is to be sued, then the glissando music needs to be made quickly as it does not have the same capabilities like the brass, but it can produce the best music of all time. The movement of your fingers will be required in order to play glissando on the piano as all the piano works the same way.


There are various percussion instruments like xylophone, marimba, and vibraphone, and they all work the same alike each other. There is a bar attached around which the malled needs to be rolled like trumpet glissando, and that thing helps in creating the sound of glissando.


As we know, that voice is not the instrument, which means it works completely differently as compared to the other instruments out there. There are many talented experts out there those who can create glissando with the help of their voice. Thus it does not have the same effect as of the instruments, but it works.

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